10 Habits of Habitually Happy Humans

Happiness is something that most humans want in their lives. For some, it can come in the form of a good career. For others, it can come from time spent with loved ones or working with a cause that they are passionate about. Whatever happiness means to you, here are some of the habits found in the happiest of humans.


1) They View Every Day as a New Opportunity

Habitually happy humans don’t dwell on mistakes they might have made the previous day. Every day brings a fresh slate and an opportunity to correct what they may have done incorrectly in previous days.


2) They Know When to Say No

These humans understand that there are only so many hours in a day. Happy people know when something will be too much of a commitment or beyond their skillset. They know that they not only need to please others, but also please themselves.


3) They Love to Laugh

Whether they are into corny jokes, or long-form jokes, habitually happy humans know that laughter is good for their health. They try to get through stressful situations by remembering a good time and often remember people for their embarrassing moments.


4) They Eat Well, But Aren’t Afraid to Sparingly Splurge

Habitually happy humans eat a well-balanced diet. Every once in a while, they like to splurge on something that might not be so healthy. Whether it’s a bacon cheeseburger, or a maple glazed doughnut with powdered sugar, they work hard towards living a healthy life and know when to reward themselves.


5) They Exercise

They are committed to making themselves feel better and look better. These types of people aren’t necessarily those who spend two hours in the gym perfecting their bodies. They might be joggers or play intramural sports after work.


6) They Spend Time with Their Loved Ones

They are appreciative of their loved ones. Habitually happy humans celebrate good times together and come together to support one another during tough times. They set aside time each night to spend with a significant other, their family, or their friends.


7) They Set Goals & Plan Ahead

Happy humans remember to set daily goals. They prioritize what needs to get done each day and work on it diligently. They know how to plan ahead and have a “plan B” in case they get sidetracked.


8) They Have Passion

Habitually happy humans are known for doing what they love. They have a passion for work, knowing that one day it will pay off for them. They have hopes and dreams and are not afraid to communicate them.


9) They Stick with Their Word

If they tell you that something will get done by tomorrow, it will. They have good self-confidence and know how to get things done. They will not break promises or run late.


10) They Don’t Let Others Intimidate Them

Habitually happy humans are willing to take risks. They usually are not concerned of what others have to say and will speak their mind on what they think is right. They do not let emotion drive them to make sudden decisions.


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