7 of the Germiest Places in the Office

As you might already know, offices can be a breeding ground for germs and illnesses. Many of your co-workers might have been hit hard by sinus infections and the flu over the winter. Surprisingly, desks have over 400 times more germs than the average office toilet. Below are the seven most germ infested items in your office and what you can do to avoid becoming sick.


Your Desk’s Surface 

This is public enemy number one when it comes to germs in the office. Try to disinfect it at least twice a week with antibacterial wipes to keep germs from spreading.


The Breakroom Sink Faucet 

What does everyone try to do in the office to prevent illness? They wash their hands. Before using the sink in your breakroom, grab some wipes to remove any germs.


The Office Candy Jar 

Think twice before taking that Snickers bar. Consider keeping a personal stash at your desk for when you hit that 3 p.m. slump.  Remember, you don’t know where other people’s hands have been.


Your Keyboard & Mouse 

A good portion of your day might be spent on your computer typing and clicking away. If you eat lunch at your desk (which you should try to avoid,) think of all the crumbs that are stuck in your keyboard. Gross! Use canned air once a week to clean your keyboard and an antibacterial wipe to clean your mouse.


The Copy Machine 

Similar to the breakroom sink, faucet and the office candy jar, you don’t know who was there before you. Avoid touching your face after touching the copier, and immediately wash your hands or use some hand sanitizer.


The Fridge 

If you find that you need to hold your breath each time you open the office fridge, there’s bacteria in there that could make you sick.  Talk with your office manager and schedule a weekly or bi-weekly fridge toss, where any old food gets thrown out.


Conference Room 

Think of all of the times your conference room is used. You might not have a chance to clean it between meetings, and someone could be eating a doughnut off of a table that hasn’t been washed in ten meetings. Sounds disgusting, right?


So what can you do to avoid getting sick in the office? Wash Your Hands. Bacteria can cling onto your hands after using the restroom, coughing or sneezing. Washing your hands with soap reduces respiratory illness by 21 percent. Wash your hands frequently for a healthier, happier office!


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