9 Things That Happen When You Work in the Office

Work: It’s something we all have to do. For some, it’s 9-5 Monday through Friday with weekends off. For others, it’s on an on-call basis. No matter what your work schedule, here are a few things you might be able to relate to.


You’re Always Hot or Cold

There’s no happy medium with the thermostat. Your office can feel like Antarctica one day and the Sahara Desert the next day.


You’re Either a Professional Cook, or a Take-out Connoisseur

While there are those occasional days where you either remember to bring your lunch or forget your lunch, you might be the master of menus or set a role model as “the healthy one” in your office.


You Sat in a Useless Meeting

Sometimes, you might be in a meeting that has nothing to do with your job. It happens. Hopefully you have a laptop so you can stay productive and get work done.


Birthdays = Binging on Sweets

Every time it’s someone’s birthday, there’s something to savor. Whether your office celebrates with doughnuts, cupcakes, or a cake, it gives you the edge you need to make it to lunch or dinner.


You Have A Junk Drawer

You probably have a drawer filled with water bottles, pens, and other promotional items from trade shows you have attended or even ones from your own company.


You Might Have A Caffeine Addiction

If you drink coffee, chances are you drink a lot of it. Most office workers average three cups a day.


You Despise Anyone Who Comes in Sick

Despite their best efforts to not fall behind, you get annoyed when someone comes to work sick. The last thing you need is your entire department out of the office. Break out the hand sanitizer!


You Have The Office “Best Friend”

There’s usually one person in the office who you can talk to. Whether it’s chatting about your weekend around the water cooler, or someone to vent to about a stressful project, that person is there for you (unless they’re out of the office, of course.)


You Can’t Wait for the End of Your Shift

For many of us, we countdown the clock to 5 p.m. We try to figure out where we are in our day and how much time is left until we can go home and do the fun stuff.


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