Best Tools for More Efficient Meetings

Let’s face it, meetings can sometimes be a waste of time. From actually finding a time for everyone to meet to participants figuring out how to download drivers for web conferencing services, can take a large chunk out of your day. According to an article in Business Insider, approximately $37 billion is lost due to meetings. Here are a few tools you can use to maximize productivity and value everyone’s time.


Organization starts with how you actually schedule your meetings. Calendly allows for others to check your schedule and set a time to meet, eliminating unnecessary emails. You can set your own availability preferences and display times, and integrate it with apps like GoToMeeting, Outlook, and iCloud.


Minute allows you to organize agendas before, during, and after your meetings. Before your meeting, you can provide access to multiple participants to create agendas and share documents via Dropbox, email, and other services. During meetings, you can create tasks based on items discussed and work together on notes, to-do items, and other things in real time. After your meeting, you can export everything to your favorite word processor or storage solution.


If you’re looking for high-tech conferencing software, then Highfive is for you! Highfive allows for all-in-one video calling without a computer. This software allows people to join calls directly through Google Chrome on their desktop or laptop if they don’t have the software enabled. For people who are looking for a video calling solution, Highfive can equip you with Dolby Conference Phones for high-quality AV solutions that don’t require your IT team to come in each time you want to have a video conference.


Looking for a more modern conferencing service? BigMarker allows you to customize your meetings and allow participants to join via their browser, iOS or Android device. You can present meetings with screenshare, webinars, classes, large-scale summits, and more. You can also easily create polls, Q&As, forms to generate leads for webinars, and more. There is no additional software that needs to be downloaded to run a meeting, making it easy to use for all participants.

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