Coworking Cooperation

As workspaces become more flexible, so do the various options workers have to choose from. Coworking spaces are the newest wave of flexible workspaces, allowing customers to pay a monthly membership fee for shared use of a collaborative or private office space. These workspaces have also become more popular due to the rise in telecommuting, even outside of major cities. According to the National Association of Industrial Office Professionals, the number of coworking spaces in the United States went from one in 2005 to 781 in 2013. Below are a few reasons why you should consider coworking spaces.

Financial Savings

The cost of becoming a coworking space member is significantly less expensive than renting office space. According to a CIO article, Cowerks, a company operating in Asbury Park, New Jersey, offers coworking memberships for $250 per month, compared to office space rentals ranging from $800-$900 per month. This presents a significant cost savings opportunity for business owners. Most coworking spaces also don’t require a long term commitment.

Collaboration and Inspiration

Graphic designers, writers, programmers, and freelance marketing professionals can often be found in coworking spaces. Working in a space with like-minded individuals can get the creative juices flowing. You can bounce ideas off of professionals that are not within your organization. This allows for outside perspectives for projects you are working on. These collaborative spaces also present essential opportunities for group work and group thinking sessions in which highly analytical problems can be solved.

Flexibility and Range of Options

Coworking spaces offer a variety of flexible membership options. You can rent space by the day, week, or on a monthly basis. Some coworking companies offer monthly membership programs with no long-term commitments. The flexibility of these workspace configurations allow business owners to utilize the service when they need it, and to save money when they don’t.


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