Crafting the Perfect Gift Basket for the Bride to Be

It seems like we are invited to a bridal shower or engagement party every other month and giving the same gift each time can get tedious and constantly picking gifts off a register can be monotonous. Make your gift stand out among the dishes and towels the bride-to-be will receive with a perfectly crafted gift basket.


Let the Bride be the Guide

Each bride is unique so try to think outside the box when purchasing items for your basket. What does the bride-to-be do on the weekends? Maybe she loves gardening or camping. Not sure where to start? Try checking out her social media accounts – it has quickly become the place for people to help keep others up-to-date with important events in a person’s life. Spending a little time doing some research could help you from scratching your head when you go to the store and have no idea where to start.


Our Favorite Basket Ideas

Bridal Bottles – This is the gift that truly keeps on giving because it will be used for a few years into the future! Purchase a few Demi sized champagne bottles, which is enough for just under three glasses and attach little note cards to the bottles. Write on each note, “First Argument”, “First Night Married”, and “One Year Anniversary.” Some companies will allow you to even customize the label on the bottle in house. Each time the married couple cracks open one of the bottles on their special occasion they will be reminded of the thoughtful gift you gave.

Perfect Pairs – Blogger Carrie Waller inspired us with the ‘Perfect Pairs Basket’ she shared on her Dream Green DIY blog. A marriage is the coming together of two people to share the rest of their lives together. For many, adjusting to the life of one to the life of two can be hard. This gift basket makes things a lot easier. By giving gifts that are made for two, you are helping the newly married couple seamlessly come together. Try putting in a pair of gloves so they can garden together. You can also put pairs of things together that remind you of the couple such as a chip and dip platter or maybe a knife and cutting board so they can start cooking together.

Spa Speakeasy – The Daily Mail did a survey to find out the most stressful things in life and planning a wedding made the top 10! Between bridesmaids dresses, choosing a menu, DJ, photographer, and more, the bride-to-be can be at a critically high stress level. Treat her with a spa inspired basket. Utilize a simple basket and stuff it with luxurious oils, shampoos, lotions, and maybe a loofa or two. Go one extra step and find a plush robe for extra relaxation.

Professional Tip: Don’t forget to get a gift receipt for any returnable items. Tape it to the inside bottom of the basket so the bride-to-be could exchange for items that she may have had her heart set on.



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