Get Involved in Your Child’s School

With the new school year in full swing, you might be looking for ways to keep communication lines open with your child’s teacher and your school. A recent study shows that parent involvement in their child’s school can help improve grades, attendance, and adapt to a new school quicker. Here are a few ways you can get involved in their school, in both large and small ways.

Attend Events

Even if you have a hectic work schedule, try to make some time to attend an ice cream social or see your child’s play. If your child’s school has an email newsletter, sign up for it to receive the latest news. Also, ask your child to share any flyers they receive in class about events. If you have moved to a new area before this school year, this can be a great way to find out about new ways to get involved in the new place you call home.

Join Your School’s Parent Organizations

Joining your schools parent organization can be a great way to get to know some of the faces behind your child’s classmates and some of the school administrators. These are usually called PTA’s or PTO’s, and usually meet monthly. Parent-Teacher Associations and Organizations usually help the school plan activities for students and their families, and also raise concerns from fellow parents.

Volunteer in the Classroom

Many teachers appreciate having ‘class moms or dads’ to help plan holiday related festivities. This is a great option for those who work flexible hours. Before saying ‘yes’, you’ll want to get in touch with your child’s teacher to see what it entails, as it could be different for each teacher.

Attend Board of Education Meetings

As a parent, you can express your concerns during the public comment period. You’ll also be able to learn about the different initiatives and events going on at other schools within your district.

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