Getting Back Into School Night Routines

As summer winds down, you might be thinking about how to adjust back to waking up early with your child to ensure that he or she gets to school on time. The transition back to school can be difficult if you and your family are not prepared. Here are a few things you can do to make both you and your child’s transition into the new school year easier.

Go to Bed Earlier One Week Before

This is a great practice for those with younger children. Have them go to bed about a half-hour earlier each day one week before school starts, depending on age. This could allow your child to (hopefully) fall asleep at a certain time, and get used to it. A drastic change in sleeping patterns could leave him or her cranky at school. Aim to have your child in bed approximately nine to ten hours before he or she needs to wake up.

Develop A Morning Routine One Week Before

Figure out what time your child would need to wake up in order to successfully walk to school or ride the bus. Discuss with your child what he or she needs to do every morning. For older kids, you can have them practice making their bed and cleaning their bedroom before they leave.

Find A Spot for Homework

Consider what spot will be best for your child to complete his or her homework. Find an area where your child has plenty of space, and away from any distractions such as TV or other entertainment devices. If you find that your child is easily distracted with other things when he or she is supposed to be studying, consider moving study spots. For any assignments that require computer use, consider installing an extension or app that blocks sites that your child visits for fun.

Pack Up The Night Before

Allow your child to select what he or she wants to wear to school ahead of time. This could help make your mornings less hectic. Ensure that all bags are packed before you fall asleep. If there are multiple people and not enough bathrooms in your house, create a schedule so each person can get time to shower and freshen up for the long day ahead. Also, consider planning for school lunches, either purchased or brought from home.

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