Gift Ideas for Retirement

After working for many years, an employee decides it’s time to retire. Usually, most retirement ceremonies will include a gift from an employer for that person’s hard work and commitment to the company. If you’re unsure of what to give, here are a few ideas.

Something Related to His or Her Favorite Hobby

If the employee loves to fish, consider getting a gift card for a local bait-and-tackle shop. If he or she loves to golf, consider pooling together to get him or her a membership to a local golf course. Retirement gifts that are personal will get a great reaction.

A Grandchild Fun Basket

If the employee is retiring to spend more time with grandkids, consider asking the moms and dads within the office to create a basket filled with the most popular board games, along with activity books for popular kids shows.

Financial Future Gift Certificate

The gift of financial advice can pay off for years to come. You could potentially give the retiree a gift card that can be used towards a financial advising appointment, or a check as a contribution to their savings account.

Charitable Donations

Was this person involved with a charity while working for you? If so, consider a donation to a charity of his or her choice.

A Written Invitation to Future Company Events

If the employee has made a great contribution to a company, he or she should still be in the loop when holiday parties happen, or when other corporate functions arise. This will show the employee that he or she is still appreciated after retirement, and can offer great advice to younger employees as a similar role. Keeping your employees involved after retirement can lead to great motivation within the office.

A Gift Based on an Inside Joke

Has this employee coined a phrase within your office? Have they always said they could use something? Use this as your chance to make a great last impression.

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