Gifts For Those on The Go

You might know someone who is constantly traveling. You might see him or her post photos on Facebook from Los Angeles one week and New Orleans the next. For that person who is always on the road, here are a few gift ideas that can make getting from point A to point B less of a hassle.


Mobile Phone Charger

Figuring out whether or not your plane has outlets can be a challenge. Having a battery-operated charger can come in handy should your flight be delayed.



Consider a tumbler for both hot and cold beverages. This will allow the traveler to use their hotel fridge for beverages, or will allow him or her to make coffee in the hotel room, and take it on the go.


International Travel Adaptor

If someone you know travels around the world for their work, consider a universal travel adaptor. Consider multiple adaptors for someone traveling on business.



After multiple hours of remaining stationary, a traveler might feel exhausted and dirty. Consider adding anti-bacterial wipes to keep hands clean, and some moist towelettes to wash off with.


Travel First Aid Kit

Some band aids, aspirin, and Q-tips can come in handy while on the road. Being prepared is the first step in being safe while you travel.


Flash Drive

You never know what the Internet connection will be like when checking into a hotel. A flash drive is great for traveling because of its small size and a great option to back up any cloud-based documents.


Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Talk to your phone carrier about portable hotspots. These are great gifts for those who frequently travel by train or by bus.


A Tablet

Having an electronic device to read books can help you save money. This also will take up less weight if you are flying and have a heavy computer.


Memo Pad

Rather than bringing a whole notebook, you can save on space by bringing a memo pad for basic notes.


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