Great Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Did you wait until the last minute to do holiday gift shopping? You’re not alone. Last year, last-minute spending led to a strong finish for the holiday shopping season, according to Reuters. Here are seven great last-minute gift ideas.

Gift Cards

If you’re in a pinch on Christmas Eve, there’s a good chance your local grocery store (or maybe even convenience store) carries gift cards for various restaurants and retailers. If you’re getting a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop, you can also gift something related to it like a mug.


Chances are many places may still have high-quality chocolates. If you have tins and Tupperware, you can package them up and decorate the container.

Tech Accessories

If you know someone is already getting a smartphone or other electronic device, check out what cases are available for it, along with other accessories.

The New York Times Best Selling Books

If your gift recipient likes to read, and you know the type of books he or she likes, this is an easy grab. Check out your local bookstore’s hottest sellers to see what’s available.

A Spa Day

Know someone who enjoys a massage? Consider treating them to a spa day, and join them to catch up!

Lottery Tickets

This could end up being the best gift! Even if you travel far away, winning tickets can always be mailed in.

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