Green Office Trends

Many offices are looking for ways that they can become more eco-friendly. You might already reduce waste by recycling, but there are many other things you can do to be green. Committing to more eco-friendly practices can help your business save on energy bills, paper costs and more. Below are a few small things the greenest of offices are doing that you might be able to implement in your office.


Reducing Carbon Emissions

Even in areas where public transportation may not be as popular, some employees might ride their bike to work when weather permits. Green employers offer their employees spots for them to lock their bikes, or an area of the office where bikes can be stored.

For those in major cities, employers may give a stipend to those who utilize public transportation. Some employers also encourage their employees to carpool with one another if they live nearby.


Energy Efficient Lighting

Some businesses are only using lights when there are people present in the room and some offices now have motion-sensor lights that activate only when people are present in a room. Some offices are also adding softer lighting to create more comforting spaces.


Reinventing the Watercooler

Some offices are now eliminating the watercooler as we know it. Green offices now offer filling stations encouraging the use of reusable water bottles. These are simply added above an existing water fountain.


Video Conferencing

Services such as GoToMeeting has allowed for companies to save money on business travel. Companies have been able to lower their carbon footprint thanks to lower amounts of air travel and more meetings held over the web.


Bringing in Natural Light Whenever Possible

The greenest of offices incorporate natural light throughout. If your office only has a few windows, try using a mirror to bounce light into darker areas of a room. Offices without natural light can compromise productivity and lead your employees to get 45 minutes less sleep each night.


Repurpose Old Products

Repurposing old products for new use is a popular trend in eco-friendly offices. For example, you can repurpose old rubber bands to add stripes to stamps. You can also repurpose wood to create a “dish rack” for any half used pencils, or other things cluttering your desk drawers. Pinterest is a great resource for finding different ways to repurpose your old office products.


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