Holiday Gifting: Who You Shouldn’t Forget

Let’s face it, the holidays are a hectic time for everyone. You know that you’re going to be buying gifts for your family and friends, but what about some of the other people that help you out? Here’s a gifting guide for some people you won’t want to forget.

Your Nanny/Babysitter

These people have probably helped you when you’re in a pinch, so giving back to them is a good idea. Usually, nannies should get one week’s salary as their bonus. For a part-time babysitter, a $25-50 gift card to their favorite restaurant or a store should work well.

Trash Removal Crews

If you’re usually home when they arrive, it might be a good idea to give them a $10 to $20 gift card to a local convenience store or lunch spot. This gesture will be greatly appreciated!

Senior Care Aides

If someone is taking care of your mom or dad, a week’s pay is the customary tip. You can also add a thank you card when you present your gift. Just double check if the company he or she works for has a tipping policy in place before you gift. Since the nature of the job can be stressful, a spa gift certificate can be great for those looking to go the extra mile for someone who really takes care of a loved one.

Per Session Services

For hairdresser, personal trainers, and manicurists, it’s customary to tip one session’s worth.  If you’re tight on cash, an extra five or ten dollars added to what you normally tip will also be appreciated.

Mail Carrier

Postal workers are generally limited to accepting gifts of only $20 or lesser value. Retail gift cards are your best bet, as postal workers are federal employees that are not allowed to accept cash, checks, or anything that can be exchanged for cash as gifts.

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