Holiday Office Party Do’s & Don’ts

Many companies throw holiday parties to thank their employees for their hard work. If your company is hosting a party, there are some things you should know beforehand. Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts for attending your company’s holiday party.

Do: Attend!

Even if you can only be there for the first 30 minutes, your appearance at the holiday party is important and will be appreciated. Also be sure to say thank you to the person who invited you.

Don’t: Be A Wallflower!

This is a great time to get to know someone else within your company, and engage in some conversation. Say hello and offer a friendly handshake. This is also a good opportunity to network with executives that may one day help you out.

Do: Remember This is a Business Function

Remember, your bosses and other coworkers are going to be there too. It’s important to hold yourself to the highest regard, and conduct yourself accordingly.

Don’t: Dress Inappropriately

Some companies may have dress codes for their holiday party. If you have a question, simply ask the person who sent out the invitation.

Do: Know Who is Invited

Your invitation should clearly state whether or not guests are invited to your company’s holiday party before bringing a significant other or spouse.

Don’t: Always Talk About Work

This is a great chance to know your coworkers outside of the office. Also, try to avoid any controversial subjects or offensive jokes.

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