How Bosses Can Inspire Employees Every Day

A great team starts with a great leader. Think of it this way: How would an MLB team make it to the World Series without great leadership? Your employees’ success begins with how you inspire them to do great things. Here are a few ways you can inspire your coworkers and employees.

Mind Your Manners

A “please” and “thank you” can go a long way. Saying these words is one of the simplest ways to express gratitude for your employees’ hard work. When an employee comes to you with an issue or a question, try to think of an instance where you were in that employee’s situation. Assure them that you’ve been there before, then give them advice on how to get through whatever challenge they are facing.

Prioritize Your Health

While everyone experiences those nights where you didn’t get enough sleep, make health and wellness a priority in your own life. You can start this by offering employees healthy snacks. If you are an advocate of getting workouts done in the gym, see if there’s a way to offer a subsidy or extra cash towards employee gym memberships for a place nearby. This is a small gesture that can go a long way with some employees.

Hold One-on-One’s with Your Direct Reports

If an employee is directly reporting to you, try to meet with him or her at least once every two weeks. This can be a great time to get to know this employee a little better and troubleshoot some projects they are working on. This can also inform you of any issues that could develop.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Every project has a goal and a deadline. Determine the best way to outline this to your employees. Employees want to have clear expectations of what is expected of them for every project.

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