How Effective is a Team-Building Day?

One of the latest trends within the office is for employees to take a day outside the office to do team-building activities. The question many employers have is, do they actually work in improving employee relations? Here are some reasons why team-building events can work wonders on your office productivity, communication, and morale.

Better Collaboration

According to Clear Company, 97 percent of executives feel that lack of alignment within teams affects the outcome of a project or task. Team Building can help those who normally wouldn’t work together to do so and solve a problem. The skills your employees learn from a team-building day can help them work better with others outside their departments and lead to better collaboration.

Develop New Skills

A team-building event gives employers a chance to see what skills employees excel at outside of their daily responsibilities. While team-building events are filled with fun activities, managers and supervisors may see a leadership opportunity with an employee that they did not see before.

Better Communication

According to, effective communication among employees can significantly reduce staff turnover rates. Team building allows for employees to talk with each other and work through problems together. This will lead to better communication with staff when there is an issue that arises.

Positive Morale

Team-building events allow employees to build trust with each other, which can lead to better morale in the office. Each employee can also gain greater respect for the company’s mission and direction after the event.

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