How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

Sometimes, it’s tough to know how your boss really feels about your work. There may be some days where you feel like you’re at the top of the world, while on others you worry about the security of your job. A recent Gallup article says almost half of all employees surveyed leave their job due to a poor relationship with their boss. Here are a few methods you can try using to improve your relationship with your boss.

Ask for Feedback

Sometimes it might be tough to hear negative feedback, but it’s one way you’ll be able to move forward improving your work and your relationship with your boss. If you need to, ask him or her how they would proceed if they were in your situation or what they suggest learning.

Talk with Them About the Future

Asking your boss about where your career path can take you within the company will show initiative and dedication. For you as an employee, it can also give you an idea of whether or not it’s time for you to look elsewhere for advancement. Your boss may also outline some things you should do to work your way towards a promotion.

Show Your Accomplishments

Has a customer or client sent you a handwritten note about your work for them? If so, let your manager know! He or she deserves to know that, as well as if something bad happens. Keeping them in the loop about your day-to-day tasks can lead to less confusion and frustration.

Let Them Know How You’re Doing

Chances are, your boss has been in a situation that you’ve been in before. Think about different solutions for whatever problem you’re facing. Don’t go to your boss about your problem until you come up with a few solutions. He or she will most likely appreciate your honesty, and offer you some input or advice about what they did to overcome that issue in the past.

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