How to Master a New Tool or App You Use at Work

Apps and tools can help save employees time on everyday tasks. According to Forbes, 79 percent of all teams work virtually. If you’re based in Boise, but your company’s headquartered in Boston, it might be difficult getting in touch without the help of apps or tools. Here are a few ways to master a new tool or app for improved collaboration and procedures.

First, See If You Can Demo the Tool or App

If the tool or app is a paid service, see if there’s a free trial or demo. This will allow you to determine whether or not a service can work for you. Also, ask if you can schedule a call and see features that you would be most interested in.

Visit YouTube for Tutorials

Chances are, someone has posted how-to videos for the app or tool you are using. You can then open the app or tool on another screen or device and follow along with the video.

Learn About All Functionalities

While everything in a new app may not help you, it could help someone else. Learn about everything within the app so you can pass your expertise on to others.

Finally, Decide Whether to Use It or Lose It

Have you been using your new app or tool or have you only used it every once in a while? If you’ve been using it, sign up for it. If you find that you only use it on occasion, you may be able to find a better solution for your needs.

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