How to Stream Music, But Save Data

According to Statista, the number of subscribers from 2018 to 2020 is expected to increase by 41.2 million. If you’re on a mobile phone plan without unlimited data, you might be wondering how you can move your entire music catalog online. Fortunately, most apps that offer a paid subscription allow you to save your entire music library offline. Here’s how to do it on the most popular music streaming apps.


If you have a subscription to Spotify, you can have your favorite playlists, songs, or artists stream in offline mode. Go into your library and select the gear to go into your settings. Then, select “Playback” and slide the toggle for Offline mode. This means that you’ll only be able to play songs that have been downloaded to your device.

To save a song for offline play, click on the ellipsis and select “Save.” If you want to save an entire playlist, connect to WiFi and touch the “Download” button. You’ll see a status bar that will let you know how many of your songs have been downloaded so far.


You can reduce the quality of your music stream by streaming at 64 kbps instead of the standard 128 kbps. Doing this will split your data usage in half. Pandora Plus customers can also listen to their stations offline, while still giving thumbs up or thumbs down. To turn it on from the home screen, tap the menu icon and select Offline Mode. You can enable online listening at any time by clicking on “Offline Mode” above the album art. You can then select “Go Online” to resume online listening.


According to a report done by Thrillist, Tidal HiFi uses one gigabyte of data in an alarming hour-and-a-half. Like the other services above, Tidal does allow you to listen to your favorite songs offline. If you have the Tidal Family Plan, you can have up to three devices with offline play enabled. If you need to switch a device, you will need to deactivate that device before you can add a new one. You can authorize offline listening by going into your settings.

To download an album or playlist, press the offline switch right below the playlist or album name and the tracks will automatically start downloading. If you have something set for offline mode and switch it off, it will be removed.

Apple Music

Apple music subscribers are allowed to download any song, album, or playlist from its catalog for offline listening. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can also use iTunes Match to download anything from your laptop or desktop onto your iPhone. Simply go to the song or album you want to download and tap the ellipsis on the right-hand side of your screen. All you need to do is select “Make Available Offline” to begin downloading the song or playlist. If you are looking to listen to your saved music on more than one device, you can subscribe to iTunes Match or download your music by touching the iCloud Download icon.  You can find more detailed instructions here.

For fans of certain shows on Beats 1 radio, you can find playlists from your favorite shows and download them to your device. Simply click on the Add button on the right of the playlist, then touch the iCloud Download icon. You can find more detailed instructions here.

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