How to Survive Sitting at Work All Day

Sitting: It’s something that most of us do throughout our workday. A recent study from The Washington Post suggests that office workers should try to stand for at least two hours during their workday. Below are just a few of the long-term health risks that sitting presents:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Depression

If you are stuck sitting through your workday, here are a few tips to improve your health and make the day manageable.


Find A Good Office Chair

You will want to make sure you have a chair that is not only comfortable, but works properly. Your chair should have a solid cushion, height adjustment, a swivel, and offer good lower back support.


Get Up When You Need to Talk to Someone

Ensure that you are getting up and moving around throughout your workday. If you need to talk to another employee, consider visiting them in person rather than talking to them over the phone. This will force you to get up and get moving.



Stretching your neck and ankles will help prevent your body from becoming stiff. Consider doing some shoulder rolls and twists to help loosen your body throughout your day. Even better, try to sneak in some squats or lunges during your lunch break. This will allow you to get a part of your workout in while at work.


Create Actions with Your Tasks

Consider doing your stretches while checking your email or stand while you are on a conference call. This will allow you to sit through your workday easier. Consider doing more strenuous tasks, like writing or important reports, while seated, allowing you to focus your full attention on your work.


Give Yourself Something to Look At

A barren office will not provide you any escape. Consider adding some artwork or painting your office a brighter color to give yourself something to look at besides your screen.


Consider Alternate Desk Options

Many offices are now allowing their employees to have standing workstations. This is probably the best option if you are looking to avoid sitting at work. Ask your office manager if they would consider ordering a standing workstation.


If the following tips don’t get you through your workday, here’s one that will: you are closer to the weekend than you were yesterday.


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