How the Remote Office Will Become More Like the Regular Office

Telecommuting has opened doors for hiring managers to more easily find qualified candidates without having to worry about their location. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of remote workers has increased 115 percent in the past decade. With this shift, employers are looking for solutions to ensure that remote workers are able to be productive and keep in touch with the office.

Engagement with Remote Workers

Workers who are not in the office every day tend to miss out on social opportunities with their companies and coworkers. Ensure that your remote employees are being rewarded for their hard work. If they can’t attend a company happy hour or other function, find out where they like to go and offer them an eGift Card. For birthdays, Skype them and send a birthday card to their homes.

Schedule Regular Meetings

To ensure that your remote employees are getting tasks done, schedule a weekly or biweekly check-in meeting with each employee. Ask them if they’re having any issues or challenges regarding their work, and work with them to achieve the goals you’ve outlined.

Video Conferencing

There are many new products that allow video conferencing, and not just simply having everyone sit around one webcam. There are new products like DoubleRobotics, which offers a mobile base and iPad so remote employees can “roll” around the office and be a part of a physical conversation.

Involvement in Their Respective Employees’ Communities

Remote employees bring a new ability with them: a new place to do business. Consider having your remote employee join a local chamber of commerce. You can find events relevant to your employees’ profession on Meetup and other websites.

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