How You Can Welcome Your New Hire

New research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that companies increased their spending on average by $4,000 from 2013 to 2014. How does your company currently welcome new employees? Research from the Society for Human Resource Management reports that only 23 percent of new hires felt they received clear direction on their responsibilities. Here are a few ways you can welcome your newest employee.

Before the First Day

Let Them Know What to Expect

Let your new hire know what your company’s dress code is, what their working hours will be, and what time they should be in the office on their first day. This will clearly set your expectations of the employee on the first day. You can also create an onboarding checklist to help your new hire filling out all of the paperwork associated with your onboarding procedure.

Create a Welcome Kit

This is something that your new hire will be very appreciative of. Make sure to include things like a branded water bottle, pens, a t-shirt, and other things to help your employee spread the word about your brand, and have some things they need to do his or her job. You can also create a welcome guide that gives the staff’s favorite places to grab lunch or coffee/tea.

On the First Day

Send an Email to Everyone About Your New Hire

Have your hiring manager send an email to everyone within your company or department. This will allow for your new hire to be welcomed by everyone in his or her department, and also allow him or her to save important contact information.

Introduce Them to Important Tech Tools

Use the first day to introduce new hires to tech programs that they’ll use when doing everyday tasks. Get your new hire comfortable with project management software and his or her email. You can then use the remainder of time to have your new hire read articles that pertain to his or her job responsibilities.

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