Making Your Breakroom a Creative Hub

Having a central space for collaboration and sharing ideas is important. Did you know that only 24 percent of U.S. workers said they work in an optimal environment? For offices that don’t have enough room for dedicated collaboration spaces, consider making your breakroom your go to spot. Follow these tips to make your breakroom a creative hub.


Add Round Tables

Add circular tables to your breakroom to encourage conversation and collaboration. In addition to making it easier to have conversations during your lunch break, it will provide a perfect space for brainstorming.



Consider adding artwork or your business color scheme to your breakroom. As a creative hub, your breakroom will need to have colors and patterns to promote brainstorming. It’s also important that your breakroom is different than the rest of your office. This will help signify that it is a creative space different from the rest of your office.


Add a Television

TV’s aren’t just for catching up on soaps, weather and Sports Center. Adding a TV to a breakroom can designate it as an official meeting space. The TV in your breakroom should have an HDMI or VGA input, so it can attach to your computer. In smaller office spaces, your breakroom can be used as a meeting space, or for professional development sessions.


Add Puzzles & Games

To stimulate your employees’ brains, they sometimes might simply need to take a break. Consider adding a challenging puzzle in your breakroom to help improve your employees’ critical thinking skills. This can also help encourage your co-workers to work together and improve problem-solving skills.


Provide Coffee & Snacks

A well-stocked breakroom will lead to more use of it. Consider using a coffee or tea service to ensure that your breakroom is always stocked. Providing healthy snack options will allow your employees to break their hunger during the afternoon. Keeping a fully stocked breakroom is a small benefit that can go a long way with your employees.


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