National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and to celebrate, we developed a list of some benefits that a mentoring program can have in your organization.

Employee Retention

Studies have found that organizations with mentoring programs have significantly higher retention rates than those who do not. Particularly for new employees, having a mentoring program in place in the organization can be tremendously helpful when it comes to adapting to a new office culture, getting comfortable with processes and using online tools or programs, and growing more confident and comfortable with the company.


While it’s expected that a mentoring program can help improve the skills of the mentee, the mentors themselves can also learn quite a lot from the experience. Becoming a mentor gives the employee an opportunity to practice their leadership skills, become more confident, and help them grow professionally.

Improve Collaboration

Mentoring programs give more seasoned employees the opportunity to get to know newer employees, and vice versa. As a result, people who may not work together on a daily basis have the opportunity to build a strong professional relationship that may actually help to improve the overall efficiency and work of the organization.

Plan for the Future

When people at all levels of the organization are able to build authentic professional relationships through the help of a mentorship program, the current leaders of the company can feel more comfortable delegating work to other employees over time. This is because they will know that each individual was mentored and trained by a seasoned member of the organization and that they have the skills in place to continue achieving success for both themselves and the company as a whole.

Happy National Mentoring Month!

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