Outdoor Exercises Perfect For Lunch Breaks

Warmer weather and sunnier days might make you want to escape the office for a little while. Research indicates that doing so might not be a bad idea. Business Insider reports that just 2.5 hours of exercise each week can improve focus, time management skills, and lower absences. Even if your office is located in an office park, here are some exercises you can do outside on your lunch break.



This is the most common answer, but to get the most out of your time, try to run in intervals. Run at your most intense pace for 20 seconds, then jog for 40 seconds. This will allow you to make more progress with your run in less time, and can be done in a half an hour. When starting out, you can alternate between running and walking. Interval training should only be done for a maximum of three days a week.



If you work in a city, see if there is a park that offers outdoor yoga classes during your lunch break near your office. If not, leave a mat at the office and figure out a good spot that’s close to your office to meditate and relax. If you work in an office complex, it might be tough for you to find a good spot. See if you can find a spot with benches nearby to do your exercises.



Grab a medicine ball and head to a spot where you will have enough space to workout. Make your push-ups or planks more challenging by adding a medicine ball. Exercises like planks, squats, and tricep dips can be done anywhere, making them perfect exercises for any outdoor setting.



While CrossFit is usually done in a “box” and requires a membership, you can do some of the exercises on your own. Whether you can’t make it to your “box” due to an event, or want to try it out for the first time before committing to a membership, here are  92 CrossFit workouts that don’t require any equipment.


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