Preparing for Take Your Child to Work Day

On the fourth Thursday of April, parents are given the chance to bring their children to work for the day. Take Your Child to Work Day is an important day because it provides children with the chance to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the workforce. If you want Take Your Child to Work Day to go smoothly, you need to do some planning before it arrives. The following tips and tricks will help you avoid any issues while your child is at your workplace.

Speak with Your Boss and the School

Before you do anything, speak with your boss or manager so you can make sure that it’s okay for you to bring your child to work. If there are any important meetings happening on this day, or if someone has to meet an important deadline, you might not be able to bring your child to work. Your child can learn a lot from spending a day with you, but you also don’t want to disrupt your coworkers if they have a lot to do.

If your child’s school doesn’t participate in Take Your Child to Work Day, you should speak with your child’s teachers so they know that your child will be absent from school. If your child will be out the full day, make sure you pick up any homework so your child doesn’t fall behind. You should also ask about extra credit because there is a good chance your child can receive some extra points for writing about what they learned.

Decide on the Length of the Day

The next thing you should do is decide how long your child will stay with you at work. Most parents let their children stay for the entire day, but others think it’s better for their children to stay half the day. The amount of time your child should spend at the workplace ultimately depends on their age.

Younger children might not be able to make it through the whole day, so for them it’s generally better to take them to school after spending a few hours at work. If you can’t leave work, set up a plan so someone else, like a friend or family member, can take your child to school. In most other situations, your child should be able stay throughout the entire work day.

Rules for Your Child

Another thing you should do is put some rules in place so your children will be on their best behavior. People are expected to behave a certain way in particular work environments, so you should make sure that your kids know about good work etiquette. After all, you don’t want your kids to run around and pester your coworkers the entire day.

Teach your children how to properly introduce themselves, and tell them about the different things they should and should not do at the workplace. If your job has a dress code, try to find suitable outfits for your children to wear. Reward your children for good behavior because this will encourage them to behave during the day. The rules you set will play a key role in teaching kids how certain things work in the business world.

Plan Activities for the Day

Finally, you should plan ahead and think of some activities for your children to participate in when they go with you to work. First, you should ask around at work and determine if there are any activities planned for the children coming in. Businesses that participate in Take Your Child to Work Day may already have some activities planned, but it never hurts to throw in your own ideas.

You should try to give your children a tour of your workplace because this will give them a chance to learn about the individual aspects of your job. For younger children, you can provide them with crossword puzzles that relate to your profession, and you can take some time to play some outdoor games, weather permitting. Sometimes teenagers come in for the day, so, for them, you might want to set up a career workshop to educate them about entering the workforce.

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