Sitting is a Drag – Get Moving

Get up and get some exercise! Even if you can’t leave your office, that’s no excuse – it’s important to keep your blood flowing throughout your day. Sitting is costing you and your employer valuable time and money. In fact, a study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that sitting is literally killing you. Participants showed increases in the chance of diabetes, heart disease, and even death.

You can still get your workouts in, even on days where you don’t make it to the gym or pavement, even at the office.

Start Off On The Right Foot

Just like your typical workout, you want to start your day with some basic stretches. Start out with tilting your head towards your shoulder and then hold it for ten seconds. Stretch out your shoulders and work your way down through your entire body. Leave no muscle behind.

Keep A Set of Dumbbells At Your Desk

If you have a slow computer or are waiting for a large file to save, don’t spend that time checking out Facebook or Twitter. Try a variety of exercises, such as tri-cep extensions – stand up straight with a light dumbbell in both of your hands with arms extended on top of your head. Then breathe out and bend your elbows down. Breathe in and straighten your elbows. Do this ten times.

Get Those Legs Moving

If you have some space at your desk, hamstring curls can be a great exercise to do. Simply bring one foot back towards your rear-end and straighten your arms out so that your hand is down when your foot is up.

Side lunges are another simple workout option. Keep your torso upright and place your hands on your hips. Keep your foot in the same direction as your knee and put your pressure onto one foot. Repeat on the other side.

Do Some Squats and Dips

No matter where your desk is, you can most likely find a space in the office to get some squats and dips done. Stand as tall as possible and relax your shoulders. Keep your back perfectly straight while lowering your rear-end. If you’ve never done a squat before, you can put a chair behind you so that way you know when you should return to your original position.

For dips, make sure that you have a chair without wheels. Simply put your hands on the front of your chair. And use your shoulders to help you down …

Stop sitting around and get moving around your office today! Try and get your co-workers involved. Maybe start an afternoon workout with everyone in your office. Help keep people in shape while increasing productivity. It’s a win-win all around.


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