Stay Cool During Your Workout

During the summer, it’s tough to stay cool even when you just go for a walk outside. When working out, it’s important that your body stays cool and that your heart rate stays in its ideal range. Here are a few ways you can stay cooler while exercising.

Increase Your Salt Intake

When your body sweats, you lose electrolytes that contain salt. Salts are important for reducing the amount of muscle contractions after a marathon or other high stakes race. Take in some extra salt by adding it to the meals you make. Avoid getting extra salt from processed foods and sports drinks, as they may contain other ingredients that counteract the extra salt.

Wear Breathable Clothing

Avoid wearing cotton when working out on hot days. Polyester and microfiber material do a better job at wicking moisture away from your body. Certain brands will indicate if an item contains cooling fabrics or heating fabrics. Opt for cooling fabrics so you can stay comfortable on warm days.

Grab an Ice Pack

You can find a wraparound ice pack to put on the back of your shirt to help keep your body temperature down. You can also look for arm cooling sleeves too if you live in a location that gets extremely hot.

Over 90 Degrees? Low Air Quality? Move Your Workout Indoors

Poor air quality and a hot and humid day can lead to extensive strain on your body during your outdoor workout. If an air quality alert is issued and the temperature is expected to rise above 90, then it may be a good idea to move your workout indoors.

Remember that if you feel signs of dehydration or heat stroke, stop your workout and seek help.

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