Stay Productive this Summer

Does your employer face a slowdown during the summer? Are you having a tough time focusing at work when you would rather be outside enjoying beautiful weather? You’re not alone. Focusing at work when it’s extremely hot outside and when others are on vacation can make it difficult to get things done. Here are a few ways you can stay productive at the office during the summer.

Be Flexible with Your Priorities

Projects can come to a halt when key decision-makers take vacation time. Move on to your next item if that is the case. You might also want to communicate with other members on the project if your key approval person is out of the office so that way they know he or she is out of the office as well.

If you’re in the middle of a big project, let everyone involved know that you will be away and the status of the project. Details will help move the project along while you are on vacation.

Organize Your Inbox

If you want to determine a better way to keep up with email, now is a great time to do so. Research a few methods that can help you get to the coveted “Inbox Zero”. Do it now so you’re prepared for your busy season.

Work on Something that Benefits Your Company

If you’re having a tough time finding something to do, ask your boss what you could help with. If you have a photography talent, maybe you can start taking professional photos to help out your social media team. You can organize your to-do list and work on some of the smaller items. Think about what you don’t have time to do during your busier season and start working on them now!

If You’re Meeting Your Goals, Ask for Some Time Off

Take advantage of the slow season and enjoy some time with your friends or family. After all, there’s no better time to de-stress than summer!

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