The Breakroom as a Social Hub

The breakroom is one of the few places in an office where everyone who works in an office meets. It’s where accounting meets developers. It’s where communications meets your staff in the field. You’ve probably heard about what you need to have a great breakroom, but may not have heard how companies create one. Here are a few companies that do an exceptional job of creating an inviting breakroom.


This company’s breakroom and culture have been praised by The Huffington Post as they were one of the first companies to provide free coffee to employees. They’ve been offering their employees a fully stocked breakroom with snacks since 1981. They started by offering M&M’s every Wednesday and later added healthier options like fresh fruits. SAS saw their employee turnover rate drop three to five percent, compared to an industry average of 15 percent.


This company focuses on employee wellness and engagement solutions using technology. Employees are able to work from a treadmill desk in the breakroom. Some one-on-one meetings are actually held at the treadmill desks so that employees feel more comfortable when talking with their managers.

PopCap Games

If you ever played computer games like Bejeweled or Plants vs. Zombies, this is the company that creates them. PopCap Games offers their employees private rooms to accept phone calls and features a kitchen on each floor of their Seattle headquarters.

Bain & Company

Cool breakrooms aren’t just for companies with young employees. This global management consulting firm moved to new headquarters in Boston, which includes an espresso machine, pool table, and TVs, for employees who need to take a break.

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