The Super Worker: Who is it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way people work. We have tools and technology that allow us to work smarter, not harder. On the flip side, it is causing people to have to work harder to keep up with others. This is where the role of the “Super Worker” comes in. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the super worker will use AI to be able to complete tasks more quickly. Some controversy lies, however, in the amount of work-life balance there will be when AI is ingrained with human work. The same report outlines four possible outcomes:

  1. Humans come first
  2. Innovation rules
  3. Companies care
  4. Corporate is king

Here are some of the changes within the workplace that AI is expected to offer over the next 10 to 15 years.

Microchip Implants

This is already occurring at workplaces throughout the U.S. and Europe. Microchips will allow workers to login to their computers without passwords, pay for food and drinks in company break rooms, and allow access to restricted areas. It’s believed that microchips might also have use outside of the office and be able to store information like passports, public transportation payments, and payment methods at retail stores.

Health Tracking

AI will allow employers to track work performance and well-being. While this may sound controversial, a shocking 70 percent of people surveyed said that they would welcome suggestions on how to improve their body and mind to improve their chances of employment.

Skill-Based Employment

It’s also believed that with the use of AI, a college or university degree will not be the most important factor for an employer. The actual skills that a new hire can bring will determine whether or not he or she qualifies. It’s also believed that employment will last for as long as a project is needed, and then it would be time for that person to find another project to work on.

Focus on Individual Responsibility

It’s up to each individual to learn technologies and open-source learning tools in order to keep up with other employees. For those who learn these skills and are good at problem solving, they will be rewarded. Short-term results will be the main metric used to judge an employee’s performance.

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