Tracking Devices and Software at Work: Will They Become Prevalent?

Last month, you saw an article about some of the benefits that wearable technology can provide to employees and employers. While these devices are meant to better the health of individuals, some people are concerned that employers can use these devices, along with additional tracking software, to make decisions which may affect workplace culture. Here are some of the benefits explained by experts.

Yes: They are Already Prevalent

According to a guide created by health analytics platform Springbuk, approximately 35 percent of employers use wearable devices for wellness programs. This same study says that over half of employers that don’t currently have them plan on implementing devices within the next year. Springbuk says that employees are able to better understand their health and reduce risks with these devices.

No: There are Legal Considerations

The American Bar Association released a report in 2016 about how some employee monitoring software can go against workplace privacy laws. They indicate that most employee monitoring is done “to increase productivity and dissuade cyber-slacking and social “notworking.” This same study cites that there needs to be someone monitoring the supervisors to make sure they’re not accessing confidential information when tracking employees.

Yes: It Will Lead to a Healthier Workplace

Many health providers, such as UnitedHealthcare and Aetna, are promoting employee wellness programs to encourage employees to wear Apple Watches. Employers can use these devices to track steps, sleep activities, and other things. Employees can then receive awards like an additional day of PTO, money off of gym memberships, etc. This could lead to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

No: Employers Don’t Have Access to Private Devices

For employees who have electronics of their own that they use for business, it might not be easy to convince them to install tracking software. Employees may protest because they have other information on their computer that could be compromised should the software have a security breach. This could lead to higher stress outside of the office.

Overall: Yes, Tracking Will Be Implemented

Numerous software companies have specialized in offering ways for employees to organize their time sheet, keep track of productivity, and ensure that employees are healthy. Employers are trending towards implementing wearable devices to promote employee wellness while implementing tracking software to ensure their time is being used wisely.

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