5 Unique Subscription Boxes

No matter how old you are, there always seems to be a sense of excitement when a package arrives in the mail. Thanks to subscription boxes, you can now experience this feeling on a monthly or even weekly basis. Many of us are familiar with subscription boxes related to beauty products or packaged meals but aren’t aware of all the different ones available. Below we have chosen some of the most unique subscription boxes that can be delivered right to your front door.

Escape the Crate

Price & Shipping: Delivered every other month for $29.99

Since escape rooms are now one of the trendiest activities in America, it’s no surprise that you can now escape the crate! For those of you who don’t know, escape rooms involve working together with friends, family or coworkers to solve riddles, secret codes and discover hidden objects. The goal is to escape the room within an allotted time. Escape the Crate subscription boxes bring the experience of an escape room right to your front door. This box allows you to work together to escape pirate ships, unravel murder mysteries, diffuse time bombs and more! Each box guarantees a crate full of adventures that can be fun for families and friends to enjoy.


Price & Shipping: Monthly plans ranging from $21-29 a month

If dogs are truly a man’s best friend, then it’s time we start treating them like one! A BarkBox subscription brings you a totally new experience for you and your furry friends. Each box includes a themed assortment of chews, toys and treats. The best part is, if your dog doesn’t love an item in their box, they will send you a replacement item for free.

My Honey Crate

Price & Shipping: Monthly delivery for $29.95

My Honey Crate features a small batch of raw honey from beekeepers and apiaries. Other items included range from beeswax goods, handmade candies, soaps, beauty products and more. A portion of all proceeds go to a worthy cause that focuses on supporting a future with bees. Every crate is a surprise; you don’t know which items will be included until you open it to find out!


Price & Shipping: Delivered every week for $13.99

Are you looking for a healthier way to snack throughout the day? Graze is a snack box that allows you to choose between a list of over 100 healthy, nutritionist approved, GMO-free snacks. Each week, eight snacks will be delivered straight to your door. This way whether you graze at work or at home, the snacks you choose will be good for you and your waistline.

Kiwi Crate

Price & Shipping: Monthly delivery for $16.95

Kiwi Crate is a subscription box that caters to kids ages 3-4, 5-9, and 9-16+. Each month you will be delivered different educational, craft-based activities and games for a hands-on learning experience. All activities have been reviewed by child development experts to ensure they are enriching, engaging and fun activities for kids to enjoy.

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