Using Print to Supplement Digital Marketing

Print is not dead. Despite most marketing efforts being focused online through social media, search engine optimization, and Google paid ads, print still plays an important role in local businesses and organizations. Think about it for a second. Businesses want to have flyers in local small businesses to let the community know about an event. Below are a few reasons why print marketing is still important in an increasingly digital world.

First, Know Your Audience

If you work in a field that is targeted towards older generations, print marketing is even more important than digital. Evaluate the needs of your customers to see which form is best for you.

Print Collateral & Face-to-Face Communication

Print collateral is commonly used at special events or at trade shows where you try and obtain new business. These events will allow you to have face-to-face communication with potential supporters for your cause or potential business contacts. People can connect your company with a unique piece of material, or a person who was extremely helpful in answering their questions.


Many companies have shifted these efforts to email. If you are able to create a nice layout with clear text and imagery, this could help you stand out from your competition. It also gives an opportunity for users to read your content at their own pace, rather than being pressured to click for more information. You’ll still want to include news of any special offers or maybe entice customers with a special coupon that they can use in store.

Unique Shapes, Sizes, and Items That Get People Talking

When’s the last time someone talked to you about an interesting email? Print marketing can also include the promotional materials your business offers. Coffee mugs, magnets, and other promotional products are all considered print collateral. Consider creating games or other items that can play off your business name. Use a catchy slogan that your current and future customers can easily recall. The shape of the paper you use on business cards and other print marketing materials can also be a conversation starter.

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