What Millennials Are Really Looking for in an Office

As Millennials take on managerial roles and Generation Z starts to enter the workforce, the amenities that they want in an office differ from those who are Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. While you may think of ping-pong tables and scooters to get around, there are some much more practical amenities to offer in your office. Here are just few.

Flexible Technology

Your youngest employees want to be able to work in spaces based on the type of work they are doing. Consider giving employees laptops instead of desktops so they can take their computers with them during meetings, and brainstorm solutions all in one spot.

Outlets Near Desks

With multiple monitors, laptops, and other devices, younger employees are requesting that their desks be placed near outlets to easily plug and unplug what they need to have at their desk. Think about it for a second. Desks with two monitors will require at least three outlets. Ensure that each employee has a surge protector so that he or she has enough places to plug in.

Offer More Than Just Coffee

Your younger employees may be running out to a local coffee shop for caffeinated beverages. Remember, not everyone likes coffee. Offer teas, hot chocolate, and more so all employees can find something they like.

On-site Health Clinics

According to Forbes, 29 percent of employers with more than 5,000 employees offered an on-site health clinic offering general medical services. Employees see on-site clinics as a benefit because appointments are easy to make, and don’t require as much time off work.

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