Why You Should Eat Lunch With Your Coworker

How many days a week do you eat lunch alone? Out of those days, how many days would you eat your lunch at your desk? A recent study from Cornell University looked at the relationship between firefighters eating together and workplace performance. Here are a few reasons why you should eat lunch with your coworker.



Eating lunch with coworkers allows you to get to know your team better. Getting to know your coworkers better during lunch will allow you to have better communication with them when working on projects. It can also help to eat your lunch with coworkers from other departments, and maybe talk with someone that you don’t see throughout the day.


Workplace Performance

Getting to know your coworkers better can also help improve your workplace performance. Within the Cornell study, firefighters who ate together had improved work-group performance and a positive change with workplace relationships. Some businesses have committed to providing employees plenty of space to step away for lunch to meet with someone.



Those employers who are providing “collaboration corners” and other common spaces also allow for employees to easily network with one another. Employers are beginning to encourage their employees to work with other departments to streamline operations and procedures, and learn what they can do to work smarter, not harder.


Workplace Satisfaction

Having someone to talk to during lunch can help improve an employee’s satisfaction with your company. After finishing a big project, consider catering lunch for your team as a reward. Eating together will allow you to strengthen bonds with your team members and make it clear that it is a social event in honor of your team’s hard work. Investing in your employees pays off in the long run.


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