You Received a New Gadget… Now What?

With the holidays approaching, there’s a good chance you are either giving or receiving a new phone, smartwatch, or tablet. But what should you do once you receive it? Here are four of the first things you should do when you receive a new device.

Get Insurance and/or a Warranty

Approximately 45 percent of high-end smartphones in the U.S. are insured, according to studies conducted by eGranary. If you tend to drop things easily, it might be worth a little extra money each month. Consider looking at the insurance options for the device if you think you may drop it. For gaming consoles, it’s also a good idea to insure them against manufacturer defects or theft.

Go Through Your Settings

Chances are, your phone’s default settings won’t be what you want. Go in and add any extra languages you need on your keyboard, change your display settings, or enable sharing for data and storage with other devices. Also, you can see if your device has any updates to eliminate bugs and glitches.

Secure It

Approximately 24.7 percent of mobile apps include at least one high-risk security flaw according to mobile app security company NowSecure. If you have an iOS device, ensure that you’re signed up for “Find My iPhone/iPad” so you can lock your phone/tablet should it go missing. Android device owners should use Android Device Manager to secure their device, and can also set up face unlock, which uses facial recognition technology to unlock your phone should it go missing. Also, figure out a way to backup your data in case your phone needs to be wiped clean.

Consider Accessories

Think about how you use your phone. Is there an accessory that would help you? See what accessories are available if you want to listen to music while exercising, or if you want to use your device as your GPS in your car. Ensure to search for the specific model of your device, as accessories created for other versions of your device may not fit your new one.

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